HART协议 HART-Protocoll
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  HART(Highway Adressable Remote Transducer)是一种标准化的通信协议,用于通过所谓的数据总线在多个工业现场仪器(例如数字测量设备)之间进行数字通信。HART 利用广泛的 4…20 mA 模拟传感器信号标准,因此现有接线可用于两种类型的信号。HART 协议于 1980 年代开发,自 2007 年起已被纳入现场总线的国际 IEC 61158 标准。


  HART (Highway Adressable Remote Transducer) is a standardised communication protocol for digital communication between several industrial field instruments (e.g. digital measuring devices) by means of a so-called data bus. HART harnesses the widespread 4…20 mA standard for analogue sensor signals, so existing wiring can be used for both types of signal. Developed in the 1980s, the HART protocol has been included into the international IEC 61158 standard for field buses since 2007.